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The Different Types of Virtual Assistants

As a service develops, it is bound to create some specializations in one way or the other. Virtual assistants, who were merely your non-core task handles in the recent past, have become the most vital parts of an organization. This kind of a collaborative that runs through the internet has been gaining popularity in the recent times. However, now there are many different kinds of virtual assistants and you will be able to find the best one only when you get to know the different specializations. We briefly discuss some of the virtual assistant services here.

  • Executive Virtual Assistant- if you are working on the post of an executive, then this kind of an assistant would suit your needs better. These assistants are equipped with the knowledge of everything and anything that you have to come across. Therefore, they are able to handle your work with ease. They work for emails to phone calls and logistics to time scheduling activities. It is always better to chose full time executive assistants.
  • Administrative Virtual Assistant- this type of assistants work entirely for administrative works. Their main focus is on word processing, mailing, calling and routine work for the customer.  A little bit of data administration, queuing, task scheduling and general administration falls under their responsibilities. You can always chose a part time assistant for this purpose as the work is not much and can easily be handled by spending 2-4 hours each day.
  • Office Virtual Assistant- the main work of these assistants is in the financial and insurance sector. Most of the work is handled through QuickBooks, making book keeping the most important work for these assistants. Maintaining spreadsheets, preparing business plans, pricing research etc. is under these assistants. They can be full time or part time workers.
  • IT Virtual Assistant- as the name suggests, the major focus of this kind of assistants is to develop IT infrastructure for the business and maintain it. They also work for creation of new IT solutions, software development and the management of the complete system or intranet of the business. It is better to chose full time assistants in this case.
  • HR Virtual Assistant- the main area of concern for these assistants is the hiring department. They enlist jobs, shortlist resumes, advertise, call the candidates and take telephonic or video interviews if they wish. All in all, the recruitment of fresh talent for the firm would depend on these employees.

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