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Miracle Assistant is a unique Virtual Service Company  with a wealth of experience. Miracle Assistant has a unique and highly effective way of working with clients. Most virtual assistants work alone in their home office and are not available, but at Miracle Assistant we’re taking the industry to a whole new level.

Headquartered just outside of Los Angeles, California we employ a team of highly skilled, expertly trained assistants. We also enlist the services of an extended specialized support staff to ensure we can accommodate small to large business accounts accordingly with all their departmental needs.

Even with our team of people behind us, we pride ourselves in the ability to create personal and trusting one-on-one relationships with our clients tailored to fit your needs and lifestyle. Our team’s superior service and fast turnaround times are ideally suited to the pressures and deadlines inherent in today’s business world. You won’t waste your time and energy educating us.

We are experts in quickly ascertaining your needs and developing the best solutions to get the job done. Smart, resourceful, compassionate and caring … the Miracle Assistant team is so experienced we often know what you need, even before you do!

Businesses that have used virtual assistant services from Miracle Assistant include, CEO’s, Presidents, and VIPs in film, technology and a variety of other industries. Our Virtual Assistants are top notch and expertly interact daily with high-profile companies such as CAA, Warner Brothers., Fox, Pixar, Disney, CBS, NBC, HBO, eBay, MTV, DreamWorks, LeapFrog, Toyota, EA Games, Nokia, Saatchi & Saatchi, LucasArts, Rebel Waltz, Microsoft, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Pepsi, Galpin, P&G, Discovery, GE and many more.

The ideal task organizer, your dedicated virtual assistant is part of our team of experts who work together, as if we were right outside your office door! We manage the chaos and clutter in your personal and business lives, so you will be free to focus on the things most important to you.

What Sets Virtual Assistant Services from Miracle Assistant

Apart From Other Virtual Companies?

As pioneers of the Virtual Assistant Services industry since 2001, we learned the game early and have the experience to offer you only the highest quality services with a personal touch.

At Miracle Assistant we excel in virtual office management. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality service with the utmost integrity. We love what we do, the people we meet and the relationships we grow, and it shows! We are experts at what we do: handling all of your secretarial, administrative and bookkeeping needs. We are your travel agent, calendar manager and first impression. With our can-do attitudes, we take on the trivial and administrative challenges that can get in the way of your vision. There are no NO answers. Helping you fulfill your dreams is how we measure our success. In virtual services such as ours, technology can take the “person” out of “personal,” but not at Miracle Assistant. Upbeat, positive, and personable, we are your right hand person.

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