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What is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants are highly-skilled professionals who provide administrative, technical and creative assistance to business owners, and other busy professionals. As experts in the latest technologies, we provide traditional, executive-level office support and personal assistance regardless of geographical location. We operate as entrepreneurs in a virtual forum – using e-mail, instant messenger, the internet, telephone, fax, and other online collaborative tools — to communicate with our clients, saving you time and money. By providing a broad spectrum of services we take the pressure off of you, your business and your bottom line. We tailor our services to fit your needs and optimize your productivity so you can focus on your personal vision of success.

How can you save me time so I can earn more money?

Outsourcing your time-consuming business operations tasks will save you time and money.  Once these mundane takes have been delegated to us you will be freed up to spend the time on what you do best, growing your business.

Why Go Virtual?

If you are an average American businessman:

  • There are 3.14 people in your family
  • You drive 1.61 cars
  • You need .18 of an Assistant per day

Where do you buy the right clothes for .14 of a child?  We don’t know. What tire brand is the best for .61 of a car?  We don’t know that, either. But for virtual assistants like Miracle Assistant, .18 of an Assistant is their stock in trade.

All the service you need at .18 the cost.

.18 of a secretary doesn’t take up much room in a cubicle. None, in fact.  We work from the Miracle Assistant office, meaning you pay no employee expenses such as; payroll taxes, sick, holiday and vacation pay, health benefits, workers compensation, bonuses, etc. Worried about your carbon footprint?  A Miracle Assistant’s daily commute uses no gas.  We’re never late to work and we’re always there when you need us.

Pay Only for What You Actually Use

From big corporations looking to slim down to scrappy start-ups who don’t have the time to invest in a fat HR department, virtual assistants just make sense.  Why pay for the whole cow, when you can just get the milk for 18 cents on the dollar?

Total Service-at 1/6th the price


How Do You Do It?

We start by listening. We help you identify your needs, handle your details and empower you to do what you love most and do best. We ask questions, help you identify your weak spots, find solutions and implement them quickly. We work together with you as a team, constantly in contact and consistently conscientious of your needs. We don’t believe in getting stuck in process. If you have one that works well for you — great, we’ll adopt it, or even streamline it for you. Unlike other VA’s, we don’t force you to use proprietary tools or fill out long questionnaires, we communicate one-on-one. Our flexibility and experience allows us to quickly adapt to your needs and your lifestyle while learning about your personal style, your business and even your clientele. Our expertise practically eliminates the time and energy you’d spend training a new employee.

Why is your service called Miracle Assistant?

We were named this by our clients who have said first hand, “Wow you really do produce Miracles”.  Here are a few of many examples:

    • We found 3 great hotels in Vegas during a major convention that had rooms available for less than $250 a night.
    • Found a 5 star hotel that is dog friendly.
    • Terminated over 40 employees for a major layoff in less than 12 hours’ notice
    • We found the manufacturer of a shirt that you love only to find out it is a woman’s shirt.  Contacted the manufacturer and asked them to make the shirts with the button on the other side so it could appear as a man’s shirt.
    • Found the wine you loved at the restaurant you were at a month ago, only to find out it was from a small winery in Paso Robles.  Contacted the winery and purchased a case  for ½ price and had it sent to you for your engagement party within two days.
    • Found out you left your laptop charger on the plane.  Finding an Apple store in the city you’re visiting, paying for it and having it delivered to your first meeting so you can deliver the presentation you spent hours working on.
    • Called the 7 spots you visited in New York this past weekend to recover your lost ID.  Then making sure to get it delivered to you at the airport so you could fly to DC to meet the President.
    • Had a client call at 4pm to let us know that they needed a display case the following morning to show off their Emmy for a meeting that was taking place and accomplished it.
Where Do I Sign Up?

Before we can begin working for you with your utmost trust and confidence Miracle Assistant will provide you with a contract, a basic (yet thorough) client information sheet, a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and in some cases a Non-Compete Agreement for completion. We will then implement your own virtual system tailored to meet your individual needs.

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