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How to Be More Productive

full time employee or virtual office assistantTips For Being More Productive

How to get more out of each day

ADD is a national workplace affliction. We spend 28% of the work week on unnecessary distractions. We change tasks on average every three minutes and spend an average of 13 hours each week checking emails. We spend 5 hours a week surfing sites non work related. Maximizing our productivity is all about finding the right balance.

Whether you are running a company or are an employee trying to advance there are some helpful tips can make you more productive and help you get more done each day. I am offering a free ebook ‘How to Be More Productive’ which you can download for free by clicking the button at the end of this post.

Identify what your distraction triggers are

As in addiction there are triggers for our distractions. We see an email come through or a social media posting and we go off in the wrong direction. It is important to identify these in order to break the habit. A new linked in connection will set you off on a 30 minute social media scroll or you will see something in the news while researching and spend an hour reading about that. Be honest and although this tracking will add extra work for a week or two it will save you much more in the future. You can use a time tracker app like RescueTime or a simple paper and pen.

Identify priorities

We could all use a better to do list. Segment your list into different priorities and then rank the tasks with each segment. The higher ranking tasks in the most essential segment should be tackled first. It’s best if you can set your priorities for the day the evening before. Your commute home may be a good time to do this. You can use an app like Evernote to sync all your devices.

I use the mornings for the projects that require the most creativity. Even if you not a ‘morning person’ you’d be surprised with the results of starting creative tasks in the morning.

The Pomodoro Technique

The human brain can only focus on one thing for 90-120 minutes before needed a break. Try to focus on your highest priority tasks in 90 minute intervals with breaks in between. If this doen’t work for you try the Pomodoro Technique. Work in 25 minute stretches with a 5 minute break in between. Repeat this 3 times then take a 15 minute break and get some pomodoro!

Feed your head

The brain is only 2% of our body weight but consumes 20% of our calories. Keeping sharp is one of the most important tips to being more productive. So eat smart especially in the morning and lunch time. This will give you the brain power to be productive all day.

Screen Envy

We are on a screen an average of 7.4 hours everyday. Give your eyes a break once in a while and back away from the desk in the afternoon. A break will help regain focus.

Download the free Ebook ‘How to Be More Productive’ here. It has tips and worksheets that will add productive hours to your work week.


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