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5 ideas for improving productivity

5 ideas for improving productivity5 Ideas for Improving Productivity;

“Personal productivity is a key differentiator between those who succeed in their chosen field and those who do not,” says bestselling author Brian Tracy. He also said that “our greatest asset is our earning ability and our greatest asset is out time.” Improving productivity can have a big impact on your bottom line

I’ve read that you should focus on only one thing a day and get that done. To me that says that person works for a large corporation and has a big support staff. Every small business owner and entrepreneur knows that they are not satisfied with accomplishing one task a day. There are too many moving parts that you oversee. So narrow it down to a top 2 or 3.

Not enough time in the day

We’ve all felt like this. “there are not enough hours in a day and no matter how hard I work I am still not getting to things.” Sometimes we may be working hard, but we are not working smart to be the most productive. There are some real world things you can do to improve your productivity and help you get more done. At the end I have a convenient resources sheet with a summary of the information and links.

  1. Goals & Priorities should be set first thing in the morning.

Focus on the tasks that will move your business forward, even the tasks that aren’t your favorites. My friend, Bill Stern, who founded ‘The Natural Dentist’ oral care brand told me one of his least favorite tasks was cold calling buyers of retail chains. But each morning he would make a list of 2 or 3 to call that day and would not let himself go home until he did.

Once you have blocked out your time you will see that there are usually only a few things that absolutely must get done to move the business forward. Of course there are countless tasks on your to-do list, but two or three things are significantly more important than the rest. Because these tasks sometimes take more energy we tend to push it off.

Set rewards for accomplishing goals. Since you are running your own business there is no one to praise your accomplishments so give yourself a pat on the back and a piece of chocolate for getting stuff done.

Pro Tip; Most of us are clear and more focused at the beginning of the day than at the end so this is the best time to set those goals and priorities! 


  1. Block out Time for interruptions

Most days you need to answer many questions, handle numerous phone calls and put out fires. All this while staying focused on tasks to grow your business. I try to block out some time during the day to deal with all of these interruptions. Ask your assistants to hold all their questions and deal with them during one time slot. I do that right after lunch. This gives me time to deal with those issues and then get back to my priorities.

Pro Tip; A once a week working lunch with your associates can help you go over their lists at a designated time

  1. List all of your ideas and tasks you think of during the day

If you do this you won’t feel panicked by all the things you are not remembering. You can also keep yourself from getting distracted by writing it down. These then become part of your tasks list for the future. For all those blogs, webpages and articles that come up during the day try Pocket, a handy app that saves all of these “distractions” in one place for convenient viewing when you have time. I find this one very effective for improving productivity.

  1. Other apps to keep you focused

RescueTime helps you keep track of your time and how much of it you spent on each task. This can help from getting distracted and let you know how long tasks actually took.

Apps like Freedom block out distractions from social media sites and other pop-ups. Basecamp can help with projects and Hootsuite coordinates your social media.

  1. Outsource

Administrative tasks to your trustworthy and professional Virtual Assistant who is there to free up your time so you can hit your priorities. Virtual Assistants can handle any number of tasks on your to do list and they do not require hiring a full time employee. Make sure you use a well trained knowledgeable virtual assistant. There are a ton of off shore assistants that are cheap but that’s about it. I tried using one for content and it was not good.

Here is a handy tool to help you determine how much time you spend on tasks and what could be delegated to a virtual assistant. Click Here To Download The Tool

You can’t get all of your goals accomplished everyday so don’t get to down if this happens. Do your best to catch up the next day. If I can help in any way please contact me. I’d be happy to give you some free tips on improving productivity. Leave a comment below or contact me here.


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