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A Message From Stacey Normandy, CEO Miracle Assistant

MiracleAssistan_StaceyWhen I started this business back in 2001 it was more for me to save myself from the dreaded commute and get more time with my family. I never dreamt it would blossom into a business that would be so in demand and help so many other companies flourish!

Being a mother of a young child, I understand the stretch and pull busy executives and entrepreneurs encounter when trying to achieve that work-life balance – and Miracle Assistant exists to help you do just that.

Not only can our virtual assistant service save you money and help you go “green” – we can get you more of what you truly want in your life – time! We treat you like family – just as we would want to be treated as if we were in your place. Let us manage the chaos and clutter in your life so you can be free to focus on the things most important to you!

The busier you are the more necessary it is for you to be able to concentrate on performing the most important tasks of your career. The proper management of your lifestyle can favorably or adversely affect your success and career prosperity. My goal is to help you by relieving some of the mundane tasks involved in your business which, while still needing to be performed, can be done by somebody else on your behalf outside of your office.

I am proud to say that after 15 years of owning and operating this Virtual Assistant business that my clients now look at me as more of an advisor. Unlike other Virtual Assistant companies who are not there for you as if they were a full time employee, we are and truly care about your business needs therefore taking you to the next level of success!

I hope to hear from you soon!


Stacey Normandy