The New Age of Event Marketing

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It’s a great feeling when you finally go live with your event after weeks and sometimes months of hard work; from the initial idea through research, speaker recruitment, finding commercial partners, securing a venue, and all the other hundreds of details that go into putting on a great event.

And yet, you’re still only at the starting line. When you go public and announce your event, that’s the sound of the starting gun as the real race begins – getting people to notice and care, turning that attention into registrations, hitting targets, and filling seats.

This begs a hard question: how do you stand out from the crowd, create awareness and buzz for your events, and do it within your existing constraints, often against numerous competitors?

That’s why I am making available a new ebook ‘Enter Into The New Age of Event Marketing’. This free ebook will show you how to increase attendance and engagement using some inbound marketing techniques. You can download it now by clicking the button at the bottom of this post.

Inbound marketing is probably the most powerful strategy at your disposal right now, helping you cut through the noise and get discovered by your target audience. So how do you take advantage of that and make inbound marketing work for your event?

Who do you want to attend?

The first step in applying an inbound marketing strategy to your event is to create your event (or buyer) personas.  These are the people who are genuinely interested in attending your event and engaging with your company or service. By inviting people outside of your personas, you are simply wasting money and resources on marketing and event costs because the people at your event will have no interest in buying your products or services,

Research and Create Your Event Personas

Personas are not very difficult to put together. You just need to ask the right questions to the right people, and present that information in a meaningful way so that everyone involved in your event marketing knows exactly who they’re speaking to, what their challenges are, why they would want to attend, and where to reach those people.

Follow the Inbound Methodology

Using an inbound strategy and creating multiple different forms of content will get your event found by your target persona instead of spending all your marketing budget on expensive, untargeted activities like direct mailing invites or brochures to a purchased list. Relevancy is key: In our survey, we discovered that 43% of event attendees feel that events marketed to them are not relevant to their job or industry.

You should also continue to follow the inbound methodology.

  • Optimize the registration process
  • Use Social Media to drive engagement
  • Make sure to continue to engage after the event

According to research carried out by Eventbrite and Hubspot with event organizers and attendees, 84% of respondents feel that attending events is an important part of their job, with 75% feeling that events are a valuable source of content and 79% attending events to learn.

Download the free ebook ‘Enter Into The New Age of Event Marketing’ Click on the button below

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