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What Our Clients Say:

Stacey and the Miracle Assistant team are amazing. They helped me to make the leap from big law firm attorney to solo practitioner with minimal stress. Miracle Assistant is there when I need them to provide the support that I need, and no more, which results in a substantial cost savings for me. Stacey has mastered the art of virtual support, and I am grateful to be a beneficiary of her skill and commitment to extraordinary service.

Robert Augustine Depew, Esq.

Employment Law Resource Group

Stacey is a fantastically organized and experienced operations manager who ensured our Studio ran smoothly and efficiently.  There was no task too big, or problem too insurmountable for Stacey to tackle, which she always did with intelligence and good humor.  Stacey always made me look good and I would hire her in an instant.

Jackie Turnure, VP Production, Fourth Wall Studios, Inc.

As a publicly held company, our image on the front line of the office is as important as the back of office drudgery. Stacey has assembled a group of professionals whose response to the shareholders, customer service, investor relations, as well as managing executive daily meetings and travel schedules is paramount to our success, and appreciated by all our professional staff. One could spend a year interviewing people and you would never assemble the team that is Miracle Assistant.

Stacey has raised the bar in the industry standard of what excellence and daily management should be for the entrepreneur or the established growing company at a cost that allows the business to build and not suffer.

John Chaloner, Chief Financial Officer, Auction Floor Inc. (AFLO)

Miracle assistant has been a miracle for me; instant start up without undue costs – I was able to get the work that needed to get done underway right away.  Any kinks get solved fast. There’s always a pleasant voice and get it done attitude.  The virtuality of it all is great – I’m very pleased with Miracle Assistant.  I was shopping for an assistant, now I have a team!  Because of that team we were able to get to the INC 500 two years in a row!

Bing Howenstein, President, Back Joy, LLC

Stacey and her team at Miracle Assistant have been an invaluable and incredibly cost-effective resource to us in starting up, growing and maintaining our business. She not only serves as a top-tier assistant, but just as importantly as an advisor, partner and trusted friend.
I could not recommend her more enthusiastically.

Jim Stewartson, President, Fourth Wall Studios, LLC

Miracle Assistant has been a phenomenal help in all aspects of my business.  Whatever you need done, they will find a way to assist you – with a refreshingly cheerful attitude.
The staff is helpful in all aspects and always a joy to deal with!

Evan Leonard, President, Leonard Designs Computer Services

When they adopted the moniker ‘miracle’ they meant it. I called Stacey in absolute desperation telling her I was getting on a plane in an hour without a Drivers License and needed to rent a car to reach my final destination that night or die. She had a temporary copy of my license faxed from the DMV to the rental company and (even though it is against policy to accept anything less than a real driver’s license to rent a car) she negotiated this anomaly in advance with the manager so I could merely arrive and take the car to my meeting. Awesome! I had called AMEX Platinum to ask if they could help and they failed.
Without Stacey’s ‘we can work miracles’ attitude I would have missed my client. I think she lives for stuff like this.

Eddie Sotto, President, Sotto Studios, Inc.

Stacey Normandy is amazing.  I’m convinced she can leap tall buildings in a single bound. She and her team at Miracle Assistant constantly amaze me. They can take the most impossible task and not only get it done in lighting speed but somehow manage to make it look completely effortless.
Miracle Assistant is an absolute godsend and I don’t know what we would do without them.

Heidi Miller, Design Manager, Sotto Studios, Inc.

I have worked with Stacey Normandy for five years and would not hesitate to recommend her and her team to anyone.  I have used Miracle Assistant for several projects (i.e. word processing, data base management, travel arrangements, scheduling, internet research, and many other tasks). Stacey and her team are also very resourceful with regards to finding high quality vendors who can help with any of your business needs; including design, web marketing and technology assistance.
For a small business person like myself, it is hard to imagine another place where I could go to get so many services in one place.

Neal Lenarsky, Founder, Chairman, STI Executive Talent Management

Miracle Assistant provides the best of both worlds: a full-time level of professional administrative support, without the constraint of a full-time staff.

Stacey and her fantastic team help Fido put our best foot forward with clients and partners, while keeping a lid on our overhead costs

Joe DiNunzio, President of Fido Management, LLC & CEO of Fido Entertainment Corp

Five years ago MCSI was at a crossroads and struggling with a variety of issues, including revising our approach to support staff. Five years later our revenues are higher and growing, our infrastructure is much stronger and our invoicing and subsequent cash flow processes have greatly improved.

Your passion and excellence will continue to fuel our business for years to come.

Jim Bratsakis, President, MCSI

Stacey Normandy and her staff at Miracle Assistant have 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. They make our lives easier with everything from handling travel arrangements to setting up meetings. They’re smart, practical people with personal contacts all over the entertainment industry, including all the major film and TV studios, talent agencies, and game companies.

We get more expertise than we could find hiring a traditional assistant, we pay only for the hours we need, and there’s no headache with taxes, benefits, or government forms. It’s hard to see why you’d do it any other way.

Sean Stewart, NY Times Bestselling Author

I’ve been working with Miracle Assistant since I started my first company in 2003. Stacey and her team have been an integral part in everything from the startup phase to running a 60+ person team, and pride themselves on being professional, efficient, and enthusiastic. They’ve been there for me both on the professional and personal sides, and certainly live up to the title, “miracle” on a daily basis.

Elan Lee, Founder, FWSI

Stacey and her Miracle Assistant Team have worked with us for the last 6 years. During this time, they have arranged travel, scheduled appointments, taken care of correspondence, answered the phones and helped to keep several companies on track.
Stacey’s team brings a cheerful, can-do attitude to each task making miracles happen every day of the week.

Pamela A. Eisen, Executive Assistant Smith & Tinker, Inc. 42 Entertainment LLC, edoc laundry LLC, 2B Enterprises LLC, WizKids Inc.

I’ve had the privilege to work with Miracle Assistant for quite a while. Stacey Normandy and her staff are of the highest professional caliber and treat each of their clients with a level of service as if the client’s company was their own. My clients have found that by utilizing the services of this professional group of people, they have saved money and know that all of their administrative functions are in good hands. They also provide basic bookkeeping services (e.g. accounts payable, billings and accounts receivable), so as a consulting CFO I know I can rely upon the work they do. I will continue to utilize their services for my clients as situations dictate. I know that by outsourcing administrative services to a company such as Miracle Assistant, my clients can reduce operating costs and keep staffing levels at manageable levels.

I highly recommend this professional group of people.

Russell Smith, President, RSBC, Inc.

As a coaching and professional services company, the potential customer’s first impression is important. Stacey’s group always answers our calls with a smile in their voice, treat our clients like their own, convey the messages to us quickly, and are available to follow up when needed. They allow us to be highly mobile, out in the field serving our clients, and not miss a beat – it’s peace of mind. Thank you, Miracle Assistants!

Pam Erhardt, Ph.D., Managing Partner, Corporate Coaching International