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Miracle Assistant Sweats The Details So You Can Focus On Your Business

Miracle Assistant will provide the virtual executive assistant services you need to succeed. We apply excellent organizational skills, tact and diplomacy, effective communication skills, maintain confidentiality in sensitive matters, and display excellent judgment. We have the ability to anticipate your needs and take care of you before we are asked to do so. We can help you organize in the office and out. With our professional Assistant staff, we can take care of all your in-office and personal needs remotely. We sweat the details so you can focus on your business.

Miracle Assistant Virtual Executive Assistants Handle All Of These Tasks

Phone Communications

Miracle Assistant has a highly sophisticated phone system that allows us to be the hub of your communications. Our friendly and experienced team consistently provides your clients and associates with that personal attention that has become a rarity in this age of automated answering services.

Handbooks and Manuals Creation

Need an employee handbook or manual? Let our Virtual Assistants work with you to create the handbook or manual you can be proud of. Supply us with your notes and any other necessary information we need to get started. We will create an outline and review the contents for accuracy.


Conduct Research

The internet can give you a blizzard of facts and fiction. Miracle Assistant’s Executive Virtual Assistants will help you plow through the mountains of information to give you relevant data to complete your mission. Provide us with your topic or area of research and details you are looking for. We will help you fulfill your research needs.

Call Management

We can also check your office and cell phone message systems and return calls as necessary saving you time for business development. Our renowned phone system allows us to successfully optimize the efficiency of your phone communications “virtually” outside your door.

Travel Arrangements

Miracle Assistant will coordinate and manage all of your travel arrangements. Our vast experience in this arena allows us to ensure you receive the most economical choices available – even if changes are needed last minute. We spend the time researching the best airfares, hotel and accommodations.

Marketing Material Assistance

Miracle Assistant can help you create all the marketing tools you need for your business to succeed. We work with the best printers and graphic designers to create your business cards, brochures and flyers. Provide us with the content or let us do the research for you. We also are very skilled in creating website material and press releases.

Schedule and Contact Management

Our Executive Virtual Assistants utilize various technology solutions to maintain and update your schedule quickly, easily and – most importantly – securely. Through the use of hosted exchange solutions and secure intranets, we have the ability to immediately update or modify your schedule and contact databases.


Report Preparation

Provide us with the purpose of your report and we will work with you to develop a structure and outline. If your report requires numerical figures, our Executive Assistants are Excel experts. We will prepare a report with all the proper formulas that has been thoroughly reviewed for accuracy.

Business Correspondence

Our highly experienced team of Virtual Assistants can assist you with any or your business correspondence from writing letters to business proposals to reviewing your email on a regular basis. Busy professionals receive hundreds of emails each day and we have the keen ability to prioritize your emails for you so you can focus on business prospects.

Hiring A Virtual Executive Assistant From Miracle Assistant

Saves You $$$

Utilizing virtual executive assistant services from Miracle Assistant saves you money. If you hired your own assistant with the same skills and experience that your Miracle Assistant has it would cost much more than hiring Miracle Assistant.  Hiring full time employees can be risky and expensive. By hiring Miracle Assistant you pay for only the time you actually use.

We have been providing professional virtual executive assistant services for over 15 years. All of our virtual assistants are U.S. based and are highly skilled and well trained. Contact Miracle Assistant now and see how our virtual executive assistant services can help your business.


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